Advantages of the Gravity Drilling technology


None of the so far known, developed and used no-outlet technologies have as many features and advantages as in the case of our gravity installation technology. Many underground installations can only be made with our Gravity Drilling Rig.

Our advantages:

  • the starting chamber is a well (new or existing) DN 1000, DN 1200 or larger
  • works can be performed from typical sewerage chambers, without the need for any interference with the existing buildings or surface
  • the possibility of implementing installations from typical wells without the need to interfere with the surrounding infrastructure
  • the drilling machine is placed in the well through a typical DN 600 manhole
  • the execution of the installationl does not require any excavation, the work begins and ends in the wells
  • no need for starting chambers and their drainage
  • the possibility of mounting the machine in wells of any non-standard shape and working from the excavation using a mobile starting chamber and / or adapters
  • the ability to perform work from a starting well with low mechanical strength
  • the possibility of working in a well equipped with space-limiting elements without the need to disassemble them
  • it is possible to drill at any depth
  • the technology allows to make installations with an accuracy of 2 ‰ (depending on the soil)
  • the drill spindle can work close to the bottom and under the cover of the well
  • drilling possible below groundwater level. This applies to the entire boring route also to the area around the well
  • work in soils with drilling classes: II, III, IV, V (sand, gravel, clay and soft rocks, medium: marly limestones, order clay, marls, sand shales, rubble, concrete obstacles)
  • the technology does not reduce soil compaction, and even allows to thicken the zone around the pipe to be laid
  • when drilling works on active collectors, there is no need to block sewage
  • the highest efficiency of the installation compared to other available trenchless technologies