Certificate of membership in the DCA

From October 2020, MIDO joined the ranks of DCA, an international organization that brings together all entities working for trenchless technologies. The Drilling Contractors Association (DCA-Europe) was established as a European association by leading contractors in the horizontal drilling industry in December 1994. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was established in the late 1970s in connection with the wells used in exploratory drilling . Directional drilling has become a world-renowned alternative to crossing underground obstacles when installing pipeline systems, both technically and economically. The main goal of the organization is to maintain, promote and further develop technical standards for controlled drilling and trenchless technologies in Europe. The organization aims to popularize and improve the conditions of use, standardize procedures and quality assurance, as well as develop and research for trenchless technologies. The association is a forum for the exchange of experiences and best practices for contractors, clients and authorities.